Reusable Earplugs

Swimmer’s ear can keep a water enthusiast from enjoying their sport. Whether you are a casual swimmer or surfer or a competitor in the water arena, we have swimming earplugs to suit your needs.

Repeated ear infections can permanently damage hearing. A wet ear canal is a perfect breeding ground for the harbouring of bacteria which can promote a nasty ear infection. It’s highly advisable that those with a tendency toward ear infections use safe, doctor recommended swimming earplugs.

Children are especially susceptible to ear infection as their immune systems are still building. Our Macks Pillowsoft Kids Size are doctor recommended and perfect for those tiny precious ear canals. We also carry Macks Dry-n-Clear Ear Drying Aid which is also doctor recommended and safe to use not only for water sports but also for water clogged ears from bathing or showering. Whether you desire reusable or one-time use swimming earplugs, we have a product that will keep your ears dry and safe.