Childrens Earplugs

Protect the sensitive ears of your little ones with our fantastic children’s earplugs.

Children’s ears are incredibly vulnerable to hearing damage and it’s important to remember that they are exposed to many of the same sounds you are. For instance, if your child is outside with you while you do yard work with power equipment, it’s important that you protect his ears as well.

In addition, there are certain events such as a fireworks display or going to a movie theatre when you should protect your child’s ears from temporary to permanent hearing damage.

Our children’s earplugs are comfortable, so your child won’t mind wearing them. They are designed to fit the smaller ear canals where an adult-sized earplug may be uncomfortable, damaging or simply ill equipped to do the job right.

We have children’s ear muffs as well that will suit the needs of very young children that may take traditional earplugs out and put them in their mouths. They are cushioned and colourful as well in lime green or pink.

Don’t forget about swimmer’s ear! We carry Mack’s waterproof children’s earplugs for preventing swimmer’s ear and for protection after surgery so they are safe to wear with ear tubes.