Surefire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus Filtered Triple Flanged Earplugs

Surefire EP4 Sonic Defenders Plus Filtered Triple Flanged Earplugs

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EP4s include attached filter caps, which can be inserted for additional protection and blocking out lower-level noise when hearing ambient sounds or conversations isn't critical. Right/left color-coded Sonic Defenders Plus are made from a soft but durable, hypoallergenic polymer that provides all-day comfort. Their patented EarLock® retention rings lock the earplugs in place, while soft, adjustable triple-flanged stems provide secure seals in the ear canals. Features;

  • 24dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) with filter caps inserted
  • Lowers potentially dangerous noise levels above 85dB
  • Hear safe sound levels (with filter caps out) as if you weren't wearing ear plugs
  • Patented EarLock® retention rings utilize seven contact points to lock earpieces in place and fit the same way every time
  • soft, triple-flanged stems provide secure seals and all-day comfort
  • Made from hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer that's soft, durable, and long-lasting
  • Low-profile design allows you to keep them in place while wearing a mask, helmet, hat, or while using phone, headphones, or supplemental hearing muffs.
  • Serve as earpieces for compatible* radio communication systems
  • 26" polymer lanyard included
  • Available in Small or Medium Please Note: EP4 earpiece no longer provides hearing protection once the noise-reducing filter has been removed.


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    SureFire EP4 Ear Defenders

    Posted by Paul on 12th Mar 2019

    Wore these for the first time last week for a round of 60 bird sporting in a group of about 10.
    I wore them with the filters open and was able to hold conversation and to shoot 24 & 28 gram loads through a 12 gauge with no issue at all.

    They were so comfortable that I was reminded that I still had them in when we got back to the car!! Extremely happy with the product quality, the performance and certainly with the price.

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    Surefire EP4 Sonic Defenders

    Posted by Mary on 1st Mar 2018

    Helps to block out loud noise, which I needed to due to hypersensitive hearing.