Moldex Spark Plugs Pack of 200 Pairs (7800)

Moldex Spark Plugs 7800

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These disposable earplugs are perfect for motoring, heavy-duty industrial work and even for sleeping! They are easy-to-use and highly comfortable, offering a noise reduction of 35dB: • With a noise rating reduction of 35dB – these earplugs are ideal for reducing helmet and engine noise for motorcyclists and sports car drivers. • Each pack contains 200 individually wrapped pairs of earplugs, meaning you can dispose and replace when necessary. No need to worry about loss or damage. • Contoured shape means these earplugs can be fitted easily. • Variety of brightly coloured, fashionable alternatives provides flexibility and choice. • Moldex Spark Plugs also work well as sleeping earplugs, blocking out your partner’s snoring or neighbour’s noise. • These earplugs are perfect for large groups of industrial workers or for distribution at events.