Moldex Spark Plugs 250 Pair Station (Wall Mount not Included)

Moldex Spark Plugs 250 Pair Station 7825 (Wall Mount not Included)

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The fashionable approach with very high protection levels.

The contoured shape allows the plug to be positioned firmly in the ear canal. These brightly-coloured, disposable foam earplugs make a definite fashion statement. These are our Moldex earplugs with the highest protection level, with a contoured shape that makes it easy to position the plug in the ear canal. They are ideal sleeping earplugs for those who really need to block out background noise - if your partner snores, these are the earplugs for you! Additionally these earplugs have been very popular with motorcyclists. Finally the low price makes them ideally suited to protecting your staff in the workplace. The bulk dispenser is a convenient way to ensure accessibility making compliance easier than ever! This dispenser contains 250 pairs of earplugs. Please note that the Moldex Wall Mount for Moldex Stations is available separately.

NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) - 35dB.