Silicone & Foam

Foam earplugs are excellent and highly effective in blocking high levels of noise. Their design adheres to the shape of the ear canal and expands after insertion to block out noise.

We carry a wide range of foam earplugs. If you need to buy in bulk for the workplace, we have bulk packages of earplugs in different styles and colours that range from 50, 100 or 200 per package. It’s a perfect way to provide employees with the ear protection they deserve while saving money as well. Don’t forget about office employees as well.

Though the noises in offices are generally less harmful than industrial setting noise, the noise can still be distracting. For increased employee performance, earplugs may be the perfect solution. If you have a lesser need for earplugs, we carry smaller packages as well that will provide noise reduction for travel or unfamiliar sleep surroundings.

We have packages that contain as little as 2 pairs as well as packages of 10 for longer trips or stays. They are also perfect to block out that snoring mate! Stylish and convenient, our various foam earplugs will do the trick to providing a much more peaceful atmosphere as well as protect the ears from permanent hearing damage.