Reusable Earplugs

Tired of wasting money on single use earplugs? Check out our available reusable earplugs. We carry reusable earplugs that come with their own carrying case to keep them hygienic and safe.

Do you have a trip coming up? Our Heartech FliteMates are perfect for flying and so are the Alpine MotoSafe and Alpine TravelFit as well as other products. We carry professional grade earplugs such as Alpine MusicSafe Pro earplugs that are completely reusable.

Our Heartech SilentEar offers the highest blocking capability of any earplug made in the world. Some of our reusable earplugs are also custom to offer the best fit possible for tough to fit ears.

We also offer plenty of reusable earplugs for water-lovers to help them avoid swimmer’s ear.

Do you have a snoring partner or a neighbour with an annoying yappy dog? We carry earplugs that are extremely comfortable to wear during sleep and will block all of that troublesome noise!

We even carry reusable earplugs in bulk quantities to help keep safety costs down for the workplace. They are completely washable and reusable and come in packs with or without lanyards.