Flying & Travel

A vacation is an expensive endeavour these days that you certainly don’t want to ruin because of painful ear troubles brought on by the noise associated with flying or other modes of transportation.

Our line of flying and travel earplugs are just the thing to tote in your carryon luggage or purse.

We carry flying and travel earplugs that block the noise, but not the necessary sounds such as important travel announcements or turbulence warnings.

We also carry earplugs designed to block out more sound so you can catch some sleep on those longer flights or train trips.

The earplugs that block out the noise but not the sound are perfect for car travel as well as they’ll help in heavy traffic or construction zones, yet allow you to hear enough to be a safe driver.

We also carry some flying and travel earplug trial packs so you’ll be sure to find the right fit in case you’ve never worn earplugs before.

Don’t forget about the kids. Their ears are really sensitive to travel noise. The earplugs might also help them catch a nap as well making your flight a little more peaceful!