Moldex Purafit 500 Pair Station (Wall Mount not Included)

Moldex Purafit 500 Pair Station 7750 (Wall Mount not Included)

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With their unmissable bright green colour, these foam, disposable earplugs are ideal Moldex earplugs for on-the-job wear, as they are easy for employers and compliance inspectors to spot. They have a larger diameter and extended length to ensure higher protection levels. If you need work earplugs, these are an ideal choice. The large diameter and extended length provides high levels of protection. Bright green colour to ease compliance observation. The bulk dispenser is a convenient way to ensure accessibility making compliance easier than ever! This dispensers contains 500 loose pairs of earplugs. Please note that the Moldex Wall Mount for Moldex Stations is available separately.

NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) - 34dB.