ProGuard Lin-Ear PR20 Ear Plugs

ProGuard Lin-Ear PR20 Ear Plugs

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The ProGuard Lin-Ear PR20 Ear Plug is a revolutionary ear plug for use by musicians, DJs, concert-goers and music enthusiasts alike.

Not only do they provide dynamic protection for your ears, they also allow you to hear clearly and without the 'under-water' effect that you get from most others.

Other features include:

  • Elegantly designed, open air passage filter that allows for crystal clarity and also allows you to hear your voice as normal.
  • Comes with both sizes in pack for ease of use.
  • An average noise reduction of 19dB.
  • Clarity of sound that allows you to carry on conversations without having to remove them.
  • Brand new, inconspicuous design that fits snugly in the ear canal.
  • Chrome coloured carry case included.