ProGuard Noizezz Universal Earplugs SNR 20 dB (Red Filter)

ProGuard Noizezz Universal Earplugs SNR 20 dB (Red Filter)

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ProGuard Noizezz Universal earplugs offer versatile, high-level protection for a range of activities including festivals, shooting, motorsports, sleeping or industrial use.

Their red filter has a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 20dB, ideal for circumstances where loud noise is a real risk.

The intelligent Noizezz filter preserves speech intelligibility, music quality and allows warning alerts to still be heard, providing first-class user experience.

When fitted correctly, this low profile solution is almost impossible to see, providing the ultimate protection against hearing loss and tinnitus.

Each set comes with comfortable, micro-finned, curved soft silicon eartips designed to match the contours of the ear canal.

This highly comfortable solution is ideal for sleeping. A great all round product!

Key features:

  • Versatile protection
  • NRR of 20dB
  • Highly comfortable, snug fit
  • Low profile
  • Each pack includes a set of S, M, L and XL ear buds