ProGuard Noizezz Universal Earplugs SNR 18 dB (Green Filter)

ProGuard Noizezz Universal Earplugs SNR 18 dB (Green Filter)

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ProGuard Noizzez Universal earplugs are low profile with an innovative design conforming to EN 352-2. Offering four levels of attenuation; when fitted correctly they are almost impossible to see.

The Noizzez unique filter preserves speech intelligibility, music and essential warning alerts can still be heard. Providing a safe acoustic environment and essentially ultimate protection that will prevent hearing loss, tinnitus and other problems associated with exposure to high noise levels.

Each set comes with micro-finned, curved soft silicon eartips designed to match the contours of the ear canal.

In each pack are a set of S, M, L and XL ear buds, ensuring the best fit possible for both ears and offering long term comfort alongside a soundproof seal.

ProGuard Noizzez Universal – Green filter SNR 18dB with its level of hearing protection is ideal for motor sports or music.

Really comfortable and helpful for sleeping with a noisy partner or anything similar that disturbs your sleep.

The pack comes with the four sizes giving you the option to try them all to see which size suits you, you then add the filters to make up the full earplug, this is a good low cost option to custom fit earplugs.

A great all round product!