Pluggerz Travel Earplugs - NEW DESIGN

Pluggerz Travel Earplugs - NEW DESIGN

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Taking off and Landing can be unpleasant enough for some people with out the changing pressure, which can cause pain in the ears.

Not only do these Pluggerz Travel ear plugs help to reduce the noise within the aircraft, allowing you to relax, they also feature a specially designed filter that regulates pressure.
This makes these earplugs perfect for people who suffer with their ears when travelling.

Each pack includes 2 sets of ear plugs, one regular size and another smaller pair for those with more narrow ear canals. Also included is a handy travel case.

Features include:
- Perfect fit for most people
- Hypallergenic silicone material
- Can be used more than 100 times per pair
- Unique filter
- Includes storage case