Pluggerz Sleep Earplugs - NEW DESIGN

Pluggerz Sleep Earplugs - NEW DESIGN

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A good night's sleep can be so important to both your physical and mental health and can also be easily interupted by a number of things.
A snoring partner, a noisy neighbour or even ambient noise can prevent you from getting that rest that you so sorely need.

Pluggerz Sleep Earplugs are made using a soft material that won't stop you from getting comfortable and feature a unique sound filter which helps to reduce the surrounding noise to a much more acceptable level, without completely
closing the ear.
Each pack includes 2 sets of ear plugs, one regular size and another smaller pair for those with more narrow ear canals. Also included is a handy travel case.

Features include:

- Perfect fit for most people
- Hypallergenic silicone material
- Can be used more than 100 times per pair
- Unique filter
- Includes storage case