Pluggerz Road Earplugs - NEW DESIGN

Pluggerz Road Earplugs - NEW DESIGN

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As enjoyable as it may be, engine and wind noise can easily cause irreversable hearing damage.

The unique filter found within the Pluggerz Road Earplugs is tuned specifically for lower and higher frequency attentuation to combat the damaging noise, whilst maintaining the level of warnings and signals. Perfect for use on a motorcycle, in a convertible, whilst go karting or at the races.

Each pack includes 2 sets of ear plugs, one regular size and another smaller pair for those with more narrow ear canals. Also included is a handy travel case.

Features include:
- Perfect fit for most people
- Hypallergenic silicone material
- Can be used more than 100 times per pair
- Unique filter
- Includes storage case