Moldex 8172m - 8000 Series A1 & P2 RD Medium Size Reusable Half Mask

Moldex 8172m - 8000 Series A1 & P2 RD Medium Size Reusable Half Mask

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The 8000 Series from Moldex are cost effective, reusable respirators providing high performance and low maintenance protection. Purpose designed for enhanced wearer comfort and improved field of vision, the 8000 series masks are lightweight and easy to fit.

Replaceable gas filter cartridges with built in inhalation valves provide gas and vapour protection.

Replaceable particulate filter discs provide dust, mist and fume protection.

The 8000 Series are extremely versatile respirators. They can be used for gas / vapour protection, gas / vapour plus particulate protection, or just particulate protection dependant upon which combination of adaptors and cartridges are used.

Improved clogging characteristics enable particulate filters to pass the dolomite clogging test (D).

Features Include:

  • Mask size - MEDIUM
  • Mask body made of soft, TPE material which is gentle on the skin
  • Less components: Easy maintenance and cleaning without tools
  • Radial connector: new inhalation valve with every cartridge
  • Tested and certified to EN140:1998

Gas/Vapour hazards:

Level: A1 - ORGANIC GASES/VAPOURS b.p. >65 degrees C Against solvents from Adhesives, Paints, Paint Sprays, Pesticides)

Particulate hazards:

P2 R D. FINE TOXIC DUSTS, FUMES, WATER AND OILBASED MISTS/AEROSOLS (e.g. As for P1 but at higher concentrations, plus: Brake Dust, Calcium Oxide, China Clay, Concrete Dust, Cotton Dust, Granite, Hay, Lead Dust and Fume, Particulate Welding Fumes, Silica, Sodium Hydroxide, Wood Dust, Zinc Oxide Fume.)