Moldex 5984 FFABEK1 P3 RD Disposable Half Mask

Moldex 5984 FFABEK1 P3 RD Disposable Half Mask

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Moldex 5984 Disposable Half Mask with A1B1E1K1 Gas/Vapour Cartridge and P3D Filters. "The 5000 Series" from Moldex are convenient and easy to use. Supplied pre-assembled for use in most gas & vapour applications, these effective, disposable respirators combine high performance with the minimum of maintenance & no requirements for record keeping.

Purpose designed for enhanced wearer comfort & can be easily used with other PPE i.e. safety glasses & hard hats. 5000 series masks are lightweight, available in a choice of sizes & are easy to fit. Gas filter cartridges permanently mounted to the facepiece with built in inhalation valves provide gas and vapour protection.

Maximum Protection Level 10 x OEL or 1000 ppm (Cartridges) and 20 x OEL (Filters)

Pack Contains 1 Pre-Assembled Half Mask with ABEK1 Gas Filter Cartridge & P3D Filters.

  • Facepiece polypropylene, kraton;
  • Head strap polyester, natural rubber;
  • Clip polyethylene;
  • Particulate filter polypropylene;
  • Particulate filter holders polypropylene;
  • Gas filter activated carbon;
  • Gas filter cartridges polypropylene;
  • Inhalation valve natural rubber, SBR;
  • Exhalation valve synthetic rubber.
  • Complies with EN405:2001 and EN143:2000