Moldex Mellows Pack of 200 Pairs (7600)

Moldex Mellows 7600

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Moldex Mellows are ideal for use in the entertainment industry, providing ideal protecting for staff exposed to loud noise: • A 22db Noise Reduction Rating protects your ears from harmful levels of sound. • These earplugs effectively “mellow” loud sound, allowing you to stay connected to your surroundings and communicate with colleagues. • Bright yellow colour means you won’t lose them, and supervisors can easily spot them during compliance checks. • Ideal sleeping earplugs, you can block out disturbing noise from snoring or errant music. • Boxes contain 200 individually wrapped pairs, perfect for distribution at large events.

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    Motorcyclist MUST HAVE!

    Posted by Greg on 15th Aug 2018

    Purchased these to try on my motorcycle as most other earplugs either make you completely deaf or are extremely uncomfortable!
    After using these a few times on my bike I can honestly say that these are the best plugs yet and I’ll be buying them again when I start getting low.
    I can still hear when people talk, still hear traffic noise and emergency vehicles. They don’t make you deaf, they are not uncomfortable, they just dull down the noise a bit.
    I’m a very happy customer and very impressed with this product!