Earcare & Accessories

You need more than earplugs to maximize the health of your ears. Our earcare and earplug accessories offer a solution to many common ear problems that diminish our hearing capacity and threaten the health of our ears.

If you have repeated ear troubles such as swimmer’s ear or earwax build-up, you should definitely check our line of earcare products.

Swimmer’s ear and surfer’s ear can be incredibly uncomfortable and repeated bouts may cause damage. Instead of giving up your favourite hobby or even career in some cases, Macks Dry-n-Clear Ear Drying Aid offers a solution to this very common problem. As well, wet outer ear canals can lead to bacterial infections, so this may also be a solution for repeated ear infections.

When hearing becomes dulled, often times it’s because of earwax build up. This can be a frustrating experience and usually leads to a trip to the physician for a costly flushing of the ears. Our Macks Wax Away Earwax Removal Aid is a lot less costly earcare fix for this problem. We also carry Macks Wax Away Earwax Removal System which also contains that handy little bulb that a doctor may use in his or her office.