Doc's ProPlugs Clear Vented Earplugs - With Lanyard

Doc's ProPlugs Clear Vented Ear Plugs - With Lanyard

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Doc's Proplugs Clear Vented Ear Plugs are a specifically designed, outer ear earplug that is perfect for water sports as well as other things. This ear plug doesn't go into the ear canal but sits in the contours of the outer ear, proving a comfortable fit with little pressure. The vent also helps to cut down on pressure within the ear, allowing for safer equalization when scuba diving. This also allows you to carry on a conversation without removing the plugs as a certain amount of sound is let through untouched, giving great clarity of sound.. Retaining a recommended amount of ear wax is necessary to help the ear defend against infections and these vented ear plugs also help to prevent too much of it being flushed away. This product does not include a lanyard but does come with a plastic carry case. See size guide for instructions on how to find the right ear plug for you.