Shooting Centres

If you’re looking for a larger quantity of earplugs, you might consider buying our bulk earplugs.

Great for the centres with high usuage, we have several different types of bulk earplugs that range from protection for lower level noise environments to increased protection in higher noise levels. There’s sure to be one to suit your needs.

All of our bulk earplugs are designed to fit comfortably in the ear canal. Our Moldex Spark Plugs pack come in a range of fun, fashionable colours. Do you want to easily see that your employees are in compliance with your earplug policy? Purchase our bright green Moldex Purafit pack. There are bulk earplugs available with or without lanyard. Our Moldex Comets and Moldex Rockets are completely washable and reusable. They both come with our without lanyard and our Rockets also come with a pocket carrying case for hygienic storage.