Employers are well aware these days of their responsibility in protecting the safety of their workers. It’s important that they not only offer safe working conditions for general safety, but also to protect their workers’ ears especially in high noise level working conditions.

Work earplugs can help employers do just that. Our work earplugs come in bulk quantities to help reduce safety costs. They also come in a variety of bright colours to ensure employee compliance in an easy way.

They also come with or without lanyards and in one-time use or reusable forms. Individual earplugs can be purchased for employees as well. They come with carrying cases to ensure the hygienic quality of the earplugs.

Bar and club employees can benefit a great deal from our earplugs. Hearing damage can occur from just 30 minutes per day exposure to club music.

Don’t forget about your office workers as well. Noise pollution in an office from simple office equipment and office chatter can be highly distracting and can decrease productivity and increase stress.