Alpine Hearing Protection

From ear plugs that are suitable for listening to music, riding your motorcycle and flying, everything you could need to protect your hearing from damaging sounds is all catered for in this specialist collection of Alpine ear plugs. Some of the Alpine ear plugs even boast two filters giving you the control when it comes to determining how much noise you wish to reduce.

Amplified music events can reach noise levels of up 130dB, which is extremely damaging to your hearing and makes these Alpine MusicSafe ear plugs perfect for you to wear. Not only are these ear plugs ideal for listeners, DJ’s and bar staff can also wear them to help preserve their hearing.

If you suffer from ear discomfort whilst flying then these Alpine FlyFit ear plugs are sure to work wonders. You won’t feel like you need to pop your ears or suffer from pain thanks to these ear plugs. Once you have worn them when flying you’ll never travel without them.

With these Alpine MotoSafe ear plugs you will be able to ride throughout the day and into the night without ever having to stop because your ears need a break from all that noise. Ride in comfort and always keep your ears safe from damaging sounds with these Alpine ear plugs.


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