Musicians rely on their ability to hear to pursue their craft. Ironically, it’s that craft that often ends careers early due to the blaring noise.

Beyond rock stars, even violinists and other musicians need to protect their ears. Music lovers, DJs and other club and concert employees need to protect their ears as well at concerts and clubs.

We offer several musician earplugs that can reduce noise and help musicians and music lovers avoid the risk of tinnitus. There’s been a huge increase in the number of 40-50 year olds that have hearing loss. A lot of this can be attributed to this generation’s love for loud music. They’ve indeed passed along this love to their children, but their children have a chance to avoid this type of hearing damage by protecting their ears now.

Our musician earplugs are all designed to allow the user to block the damaging noise, yet allow a clear, natural sound without muffling the music.