3M Combat Arms Generation 4 Tactical Earplugs

3M Combat Arms Generation 4 Tactical Earplugs

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The Fourth Generation Combat Arms Ear Plugs from 3M are a single-ended, combat-ready ear plug which were designed to allow wearers to hear low-level sounds when in the open/weapons fire mode whilst also offering the option of constant protection in the closed mode.

Using their patented dual-protection design, the Fourth Generation 3M Combat Arms Shooting Ear Plugs have a 'Rocker Cover' which when opened, allowed lower-level sound to pass through the ear plug with limited interruption, allowing you to hear clearly whilst still offering protection from more intense noises such as weapon fire.

The ear plugs come pre-fitted with a lanyard and are a neutral, beige colour.

For more information, read the 3M Combat Arms Leaflet.