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  • Can You Hear Me Farmer Joe?

    Apparently, farmers are being told to wear hearing protection due to the noise level of pigs during feeding. The little oinkers squeal to the tune of 100dB or more while being fed! Remember that hearing can be damaged in as little as 15 minutes at 100 dB, so I guess if Farmer Joe wants to keep his hearing, he’s going to need some protection.

    According to the NASD (National Ag Safety Database, United States), farmers have more hearing loss than other occupations. If you think about it, farmers are independent and therefore not governed by the usual safety laws that protect employees in an industrial setting by forcing compliance. So, even though many of the noises on a farm are at decibel levels high enough to cause hearing damage in a short time, the farmer may or may not protect his or her hearing or that of the hired help. Continue reading

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