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Trouble Singing? Wear Earplugs!

Well, perhaps your family do wear earplugs when you attempt to sing, but seriously, wearing earplugs can help to improve your singing voice. So, if you truly are a singer or you have a child who shows promise, check this out.


  • Improve pitch
  • Prevent voice fatigue
  • Improve timing
  • Protect your hearing


Musician’s earplugs not only protect your ears from hearing loss, but they can help improve pitch. Plug your ears for a moment and talk or sing. Your voice will be much clearer to you. This is how earplugs can improve your pitch. You can hear yourself more clearly and better distinguish your pitch.


If you are in a band or choir, High Fidelity earplugs can help you hear instruments more clearly. Though some earplugs are designed to muffle noisy environments, musician’s earplugs only block dangerous decibels and distortion, which allows studio quality music into your ears, this is why professional musicians wear earplugs or in-ear monitors.

There might be an adjustment period if you’ve gone awhile without wearing earplugs during rehearsal or on stage. Soon, your ears will adjust to the earplugs and you’ll be hearing yourself and your fellow band members or choir singers more clearly.

Voice Fatigue

If you are in a noisy environment, you may strain your vocal chords to compensate. However with earplugs you can help to prevent over stretching your voice as the earplugs will reduce external noise and let you hear yourself more clearly. This hopefully can avoid downtime due to strained vocal chords.

Protect your hearing

Many professional musicians have had their careers cut short due to permanent hearing damage. If you want to continue hearing music for many years to come, musician earplugs are vital.

What’s more, a child’s hearing is particularly sensitive to loud noises. If you’re attending a festival or concert with your children we advise you to protect their hearing with a pair of children’s musician earplugs.

Musician’s earplugs

Musician’s earplugs are highly affordable and great to wear whether you’re on stage or in the audience. Mack’s High Fidelity earplugs are wonderful for the casual club or concert attendee. If your career entails regular use of musician’s earplugs, it may be time to purchase custom musician’s earplugs. The investment in hearing protection and voice improvement is well worth the cost!

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