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  • Motorcycling’s biggest hidden danger? The wind…

    As a motorcyclist you know that wearing adequate safety protection is a given. Investing in a helmet and protective clothing will provide security against other motorists and give you the reassurance needed to enjoy your ride.

    The gentle drone of your engine together with nature’s blissful sounds can make a Sunday ride one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, it is important that you are aware of the risks associated with motorcycle noise so that you do not risk developing long term hearing problems over time.

    Engine Noise

    Sustained amounts of loud noise can be just as damaging as sudden loud bursts, and it is often the former that goes unnoticed by motorcyclists.

    85db is the threshold for safe or dangerous noise and an increase of 10db is equivalent to being twice as loud.

    A study by the University of Florida found that half of the engines of 33 bikes created volumes over 100 decibels. They also found that at 65 mph, a motorcycle's engine can reach up to 116 dB; considered a safe amount of noise for up to 15 minutes.

    "Almost all of the motorcycles we tested reached action-level noise, which in the workplace would require ear protection," says Joy Colle, an audiologist and researcher.

    Motorcyclists will often cite their use of a helmet to reduce external noise, but this often is not enough:

    Wind Noise

    Surprisingly the biggest cause of long term hearing damage associated with motorcycling is not the bike itself, but the wind: helmet noise, created by the constant rush of air across the ear, can be incredibly relenting and damaging.

    Depending on the helmet worn, average wind noise is around 93.5dB at speeds of 62mph; the average noise of a car interior, in comparison, is 85dB at the same speed.

    The majority of motorcyclists will ride on roads with a national speed limit of 70mph, often travelling faster; helmet noises can therefore increase to 115dB or more.

    This level of noise is much the same as listening to an MP3 player at maximum volume for the entire duration of your ride; but is deemed a safe level of noise for only up to 15 minutes.

    Some motorcyclists may argue that they need to be aware of outside noise from traffic. However research has shown that wind noise will dominate much else above speeds of 30mph.

    For regular or professional motorcyclists who ride long distances frequently, exposure to wind noise can be particularly dangerous; those who fail to wear adequate protection can risk developing long term hearing problems.


    Ear plugs will provide the best protection against wind noise and will reduce the risk of developing long term hearing damage. At EarPlugShop we have a range of high quality and great value solutions which will provide the protection that you need:

    ProGuard Custom Motorcycle Earplugs are a high value, high quality solution tailored to the specific requirements of motorcycling. These are expensive but include high quality calibrated attenuating filters will remove damaging levels of sound and still allow you to hear external ambient noises. A choice of two filters will reduce wind noise by either 25db or 27db.

    For a slightly less expensive alternative, the ProGuard Noizezz Universal EarPlugs offer excellent protection and include micro-finned, curved soft silicon ear tips designed to match the contours of the ear canal. This comfortable and easy-to-fit solution will reduce noise by 24dB.

    For another excellent value foam variety, Mack's Safe Sound Ultra Ear Plugs offer 29dB sound reduction and come in packs of seven. They are also comfortable, easy-to-fit and will not interfere or rub against your helmet.

  • Snoring – the relationship killer

    person snoringFor the majority of us, snoring is a harmless problem associated with relatively fond memories. Many can recall a tube journey made more entertaining by a suited man snoring loudly into his Financial Times, or an overexerted relative on Christmas Day, whisky in lap, catching flies.

    However, for others in relationships, this could not be further from the truth, with fond memories confined to a time when partners could sleep without being disturbed by their snoring spouse. Some find their partner’s problem so disruptive that it causes endless sleepless nights and chronic sleep deprivation.

    Sleep deprivation, according to the NHS, can lead to a range of other problems, namely irritability, low sex drive, poor cognition and lower work performance, all of which can put a strain on modern relationships. With snoring more common in men than women, it is often the female in the relationship who feels the worst effects.

    Many couples manage this problem by eventually sleeping in separate bedrooms, which also inhibits a couple’s quest for intimacy and sense of overall well-being. This also reduces time that couples spend together prior to falling asleep, when they:

    “catch up on what's going on with one another, plan, make decisions, deal with disagreements and solve problems," says relationship author Paul C. Rosenblatt.

    Proximity is therefore an important part of maintaining a healthy relationship. However, when you consider that a large percentage of the population have a sleeping partner, and approximately 45% of adults are known to snore at least “occasionally”, problems within relationships are clearly not limited to the few.

    "Snoring can create real problems in a marriage," says Daniel P. Slaughter, an otolaryngologist and snoring expert at Capital Otolaryngology in Austin, Texas.

    “Ordinarily affectionate couples can have a strain in their relationship caused by snoring,” agrees David Volpi, a surgeon and snoring expert.

    There are, fortunately, many solutions that snorers can seek out to alleviate their problem. These solutions range from sleeping on your side, using higher pillows or using herbal spray, to the use of gadgets such as nasal dilators or chin strips. The very last resort, in some circumstances, is surgery.

    However, in circumstances where the health of the snorer is not seriously affected by his own snoring, a cheap and effective method of alleviating the problems associated within a relationship is the use of ear plugs.

    Not only will earplugs help to block out the noise generated from a spouse’s sleeping, allowing the other partner to get a decent night’s sleep, it will also help to alleviate the problems created by sharing separate beds, creating healthier, longer lasting relationships.

    Fortunately we have a fantastic range of sleeping ear plugs available at EarPlugShop, with two particularly effective sets. The Alpine Sleepsoft earplugs will help to minimise discomfort, are easy to use and will not dislodge themselves as you sleep. The Sleepsofts will block out more ambient sounds like snoring but still allow you to wake for your alarm.

    Alternatively, the Mack's Snore Blockers offer an excellent bulk value, disposable format. These are particularly soft and will form an effective seal against noise, allowing you to more easily fall, and stay, asleep.

    However, these earplugs are not only useful within the confines of a loving, snoring relationship. Any circumstance which demands sharing a room with another should be adequately prepared for. You may be sharing a room with a sibling and be disturbed by their noises, or backpacking your way around hostel dorms with snoring strangers. Whether you are bunking with the army or a footballer on away day duty, the threat is always there, so make sure you plan ahead.

  • Protecting The Hearing Of Music Lovers: Changing The Sound Limit On Personal Devices

    Here at EarPlugShop, we are asked The question ‘what is considered a loud noise?’ quite a lot and every time, we give the same answer: The level of sound that is considered safe and can be listened to for an extended period of time without causing any damage is measured at 85dB and anything above this requires hearing protection. However, if you’re of a certain mind set, you may think that there isn’t such a thing as too loud, and it’s this attitude that is damaging people's hearing the world over.

    According to the BBC, the European Commission has estimated that 20% of young people are exposed to loud noises during leisure on a daily basis – a figure that has tripled since the 1980s.

    It was these findings that encouraged the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation (CENELEC) to amend the safety standard for personal music devices.

    PHILIPS SHP1900 Headphones

    PHILIPS SHP1900 Headphones (Photo credit: Andres Rueda)

    After February 2013, under the revised standard all personal music devices and mobile phones must have a default sound limit of 85dB. However, there is the opportunity for users to override the setting up to 100dB – something that 40% of surveyed 16-34 year olds have said they will do.

    This is not the first time that the European Commission has warned people of the self-inflicted consequences that are associated with listening to excessively loud music.

    In 2008, the European Commission's assessment said: "Listening to music at 80dB or less is considered safe, no matter how long or how often personal music players are used. This sound level is roughly equivalent to someone shouting or traffic noise from a nearby road."

    Although an Action on Hearing Loss survey has showed that 40% of participants would choose to ignore any warnings and continue listening to music at a volume they see fit, the hearing charity has welcomed the change in the safety standard, and has a clear message to those opposing it.

    Chief executive of Action on Hearing Loss, Paul Breckell said: "I urge music lovers to consider the long-term risks of overriding the safe setting as overexposure to loud music can trigger tinnitus, and remember that a good pair of noise cancelling headphones can make all the difference."

    If you have any concerns about hearing loss we would advise that you speak to your GP who may then refer you to an audiologist. Your hearing is a precious thing and something that you should do all you can to protect. At EarPlugShop we have a great range of ear plugs suitable to be worn when at concerts, festivals and many other occasions. Take a look at our range of ear defenders today and discover how easy it is to preserve your hearing and enjoy the sound of music forevermore.

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  • Top 5 Tips for Scuba Divers

    Winter is a very popular time of the year for booking a holiday and who could blame you. The sun-soaked sands are definitely something to look forward to and booking so far in advance usually bears the fruit of a very welcome discount.

    With Scuba diving becoming more and more popular on the holiday scene in recent years, we thought that this year, you may want to read our top scuba diving tips.

    Ensure you have all the necessary equipment

    It’s extremely important to have equipment that you can rely on and that is appropriate for the conditions you’ll be in. If you’re a first time diver, most teachers have all the necessary equipment for you to loan, but it is still a good idea to have a general idea of what you should be using when in the water. The most important piece to have with you is a scuba regulator – you want to ensure it works with a variety of applications and different conditions such as warm or cold water, and deep or shallow water. Other pieces you’ll need include a wet or dry suit, octos (an alternate air source), buoyancy compensator, mask and fins.

    Scuba dive wearing thes evented Doc's ProPlugsWear Diver's ear plugs

    Doc's ProPlugs can be worn for a variety of water sports and diving events to help prevent infections such as Swimmer’s Ear. Swimmer's Ear is a common inflammation that can affect anyone who spends a lot of time in the water. It is extremely painful and can quite easily ruin your scuba diving plans if not avoided at all costs. As with most things, prevention is always easier than the cure. Shield your ears from the water and you can dive to the deepest depths without feeling ear discomfort. Doc's ProPlugs are vented to allow for safer equalization when diving.


    There are a variety of communicative tools available to divers. There are microphones, slates that can be written on and the use of hand signals. If you will be diving with an instructor the basic hand signals should be covered. It is one of the most common ways for divers to communicate with each other as they can be seen and understood from quite a distance.

    Oxygen toxicity occurs when the lungs take in ...

    Oxygen toxicity occurs when the lungs take in a higher than normal O 2 partial pressure, which can occur in deep scuba diving. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Bring home the memories

    For many this will be a once in a lifetime experience, so make sure you take the time to explore the marine life around you and make sure you take lots of photos – you’ll regret it if you don’t. You can either invest in a good underwater camera or find a reputable place to rent one. While booking your scuba diving activity, make sure to ask the instructor if you’ll need to buy any equipment including an underwater camera or if they are available to borrow.

    Get the most of the dive

    By breathing properly and consuming your air efficiently you won’t have to cut your dive short. Breathe deeply and slowly, try to restrict movement when possible, make sure your gear is streamlined, stay horizontal for as long as possible and relax. Preserving the air you have will ensure you get to see all that you can.

    With these tips you’re sure to have the best diving experience possible.

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  • New Ear Plugs Arrive At EarPlugShop

    Ear Peace ear plugs come to EarPlugShopWe have been busy at EarPlugShop, hunting down new products that will help you to safeguard your hearing as well as your child’s. Ear Peace High Fidelity Ear Plugs are also now available. They are incredibly comfortable to wear, even in the long term and come with their own aluminium carry case. They offer an average noise reduction of 17dB and thanks to their clever design, are virtually impossible to see!

    We are also very proud to now be stocking the Hello Kitty Ear Plugs from Cirrus. Designed as the perfect encouragement for your children to safeguard their hearing and manufactured to be worn for a variety of occasions, these ear defenders are sure to be popular among kids and parents alike.

    Cirrus Healthcare Hello Kitty ear plugs come to EarPlugShopChildren can wear these ear plugs whenever noise levels are too high. They are ideal when watching fireworks or attending a festival and are also waterproof, to be worn when swimming or bathing. Not only do they provide a protective barrier against damaging sounds, but also a shield against water, preventing infections and inflammations such as swimmer’s ear. These Hello Kitty Ear Plugs are now available at Earplugshop.com for only £4.99.

    But that’s not all! As if having a safe and fun ear plug that will help cement your child into a good habit for life, or a high-fidelity ear defender that is almost invisible to the naked eye wasn’t enough, we will soon be incorporating another collection of ear plugs from a well respected manufacturer. These ear plugs are endorsed by the International Surfing Association and have become the official ear defender for the USSF National Surf Team. We are of course talking about the fabulous Doc’s ProPlugs.

    Doc's ProPlugs both vented and non-vented are available at EarPlugShopFor one reason above most, these ear plugs are highly acclaimed by people in every walk of life: Versatility. Doc's ProPlugs were originally designed with Scuba Divers in mind. A vented ear plug that allows for safer equalization when surfacing. But in creating this ear plug, Doc's opened the door to versatile hearing protection for all kinds of people. Doc's is now one of the top products for divers, surfers and even drummers due to their high levels of comfort and great levels of protection.

    They are availablein both the vented and non-vented form, the latter being the preferred choice for ENT Doctor's and those who have been fitted with grommets.

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  • All you need to know about Surfer’s Ear

    Vented ear plugs for surfers Surfer’s Ear is a common condition that is often caused by exposing your ears to water and cold, windy conditions. Also known as Exostosis, this condition can be extremely painful to bear and often causes temporary hearing loss. Your ears are subject to an increased blood flow when they’re exposed to cold temperatures which can stimulate bone growth and narrow the ear canal, resulting in hearing loss.

    Luckily there is a cure, but it’s not quite as simple as using ear drops or taking pain killers like you would do to treat swimmer’s ear. The most popular method is an exostectomy, a procedure that removes the excess bony tissue that has built up. Thruster, the author of 'Thruster's Diary' on the BBC website, has now had this operation three times and has since taken it upon himself to spread awareness of the condition. He has been surfing for 19 years and has been writing extreme sports articles since 1999.

    Speaking of the symptoms that Surfer’s Ear can have, Thruster recalled: “The last time I went surfing in tropical waters, the trip was half ruined by my ears blocking up with water after every surf, rendering me virtually deaf for the remainder of the day... I spent most of my waking hours clapping my hands close to my ears to check that I hadn't completely lost my hearing. Nights were even scarier: Lying in a totally black room, deprived of your two major senses is a nasty place to be.”

    Surfer’s ear is not a pleasant condition to endure and hopefully through reading this, you’ll do all you can to prevent this from happening to you.

    ‘But how?’ we hear you ask. As with most situations, prevention is much easier than the cure: We would suggest that you wear a pair of ear plugs when out on your next surfing trip. We now stock the Docs ProPlugs that are specifically designed with watersports in mind. Once inserted these Docs ear plugs create an almost invisible, protective barrier against the water whilst still allowing you to hear. They’re available in a variety of colours and can be bought as vented or non-vented ear plugs. The non-vented ear plugs are ideal for those who have had grommets fitted.

    Another way you can prevent these terrible symptoms is to dry your ears properly after each surf. As you have to treat your ears carefully, we would recommend that you either use an ear dryer that blows warm air into your ear canal safely, or that you wear a pair of Cirrus Healthcare Clear Ears that draw out and absorb trapped water.

    Using these products and being mindful of how long you’re spending in the water should help you to prevent such an awful condition from affecting you and your surfing technique.

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  • Ear Plug Shop help to preserve the hearing of My Bloody Valentine’s Fan-base

    Ear Plug Shop offer Moldex Mellows to My Bloody Valentine fansSince the release of their long-awaited third album – Dublin’s gift to the shoegaze world, My Bloody Valentine are gearing up for a select UK tour in March 2013. The group have teamed up with Earplugshop.com to offer fans free ear plugs to help them safe guard their hearing whilst attending the shows. During their historic 2008 reunion, Kevin Shields and band members also handed out ear plugs, knowing full well their reputation for creating staggering noise-levels.

    m b v is their first record in 22 years. First finding fame in the late ‘80s with the era-defining Isn’t Anything, the group redefined alternative rock, combining ethereal melodies with loud, shimmering distortion. Along with the new album release, the UK tour is set to become the most highly-praised comeback of the decade.

    Kevin Shields and co. will be playing from March 9th - 12th starting at Glasgow Barrowlands and finishing at London's Hammersmith Apollo on March 12th, just finding time to stop off at the Manchester Apollo on the way. Earplugshop.com have supplied the band’s loyal following with 18,000 pairs of ear plugs for the events, along with a further 2,000 pairs for their warm up gig at the Electric Brixton on February 27th.

    Earplugshop.com will be supplying 20,000 Moldex Mellows Ear Plugs, an ear plug that blocks damaging noises, yet allows the wearer to remain connected to their surroundings – perfect when attending live performances. These ear plugs mellow the sounds to a safe level enabling people to communicate and listen to the music My Bloody Valentine are playing without damaging their hearing.

    My Bloody Valentine are arguably the most original and influential band of their era; with a plethora of well-known groups citing them as a major influence, no one can deny that this comeback has been long awaited.

    This only serves to highlight what an extraordinary event this tour will be and with the release of m b v on February 2nd following the tremendous success of the 1991 record Loveless, these gigs are sure to go down in music history – something Earplugshop.com are very proud to be part of.

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  • How to clean your ears properly

    Picture of an earTo prevent ear infections and the build up of wax we need to regularly clean our ears. Caution and care needs to be taken when cleaning in and around the ears as they can easily be damaged.  As the old saying goes, ‘never put anything in your ears that’s smaller than your elbow.’ This is a slight exaggeration, but the primary message is right, we should take extra care when dealing with our ears. No longer should we be reaching for those cotton wool buds, we know a couple of you out there do it. Instead, replace that bathroom basic with a hygiene essential, an ear wax removal kit.

    Ear wax is our friend; it creates a protective barrier against any foreign objects that can potentially damage our inner ear. Bearing this in mind it’s important not to remove too much ear wax and instead clean any excess away. Using a cotton wool bud can push the wax further into the inner ear and making it more compact than ever before, which can result in temporary hearing loss. So how do you remove wax safely and properly?

    At Earplugshop.com we have a number of products that will help you to clean and remove any excess ear wax safely. There are three options available to you, the Mack’s ProRinse, Mack’s Dry-n-Clear and Mack’s Wax Away.

    Mack’s ProRinse

    This Mack's ProRinse Earwax Removal Kit includes FDA approved drops, AquaBlock ear plugs, steady-flow syringe and rinse tip and an ear wash rinse tub. The Tri-Stream tip has been designed to reduce over insertion, to direct water against the ear canal wall and to prohibit pressure build-up when rinsing. It is the perfect kit to have in the bathroom as it softens, loosens and removes excess ear wax safely. Alternatively you can use the Mack's ProRinse Bellow Syringe. All you need to do is compress the syringe and insert the tip into water that is at body temperature, release the pressure to allow water to be drawn in and then rinse your ears by compressing the bellow once inserted.

    Mack’s Dry-n-Clear

    Mack's Dry-n-Clear Ear Drying Aid is the ideal solution to have if you’re a keen swimmer who occasionally forgets their swimming ear plugs. The ear drop aid dries any excess water in the ear canal while conditioning your ears lining. However, if you’re not a fan of ear drops the Mack's Ear Dryer could provide you with a welcoming alternative. This device simply uses warm air to dry your ears. It comes with multiple tips that are different colours, perfect for a family who are sharing the ear dryer. You will also find Mack's Replacement Nozzles - Ear Dryer at Earplugshop.com.

    Mack’s Wax Away

    The Mack's Wax Away Earwax Removal Aid softens and loosens impacted ear wax gently and safely. Not only will excess wax be a thing of the past, the doctor approved formula also protects and moisturises the lining of your ear canal. You can use this product alone, but we would recommend that you use it in addition to the ear washer that is included in this Mack's Wax Away Earwax Removal System.

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  • Keep to your New Year resolution to travel more with our guide to the best carryon items

    If one of your resolutions for 2013 is to see more of the world, we hope you find our guide on the best items to bring with you in your carryon useful. At the Ear Plug Shop office many of us indulged in a holiday abroad last year and all came back with insightful tips, with one of us having the nightmare of dealing with lost luggage! We thought it was rather selfish, us keeping these tips amongst ourselves and so decided it’s about time we write a guide for you to use and share with friends and family.

    Essential items for the carryon include:

    Perfect if you want to reduce background noises, prevent ear discomfort, have a nap on the plane or all three! Take a look at Ear Plug Shop’s range of flying and travelling ear plugs and you’ll notice that there is a great range for you to choose from, that all boasts different NRR (noise reduction ratings) and different colours – you could even match your carryon bag with them. As ear plugs are so small they won’t take up too much room, leaving you with plenty of space to pack the rest of our essential carryon items. To keep them safe and clean we would suggest that you have a little case to store them in.

    • Hand wipes/baby wipes, moisturiser, facial spray and lip balm

    This is an item to have if you’re on a long-haul flight. The plane cabin can become quite stuffy so packing some baby wipes or hand wipes is a great resource to have if you want to freshen up from time to time.  The same can be said for a moisturiser; both face and hand, facial spray and lip balm. Don’t let your skin dry out, nothing can feel worse than tight skin.

    • Hairbrush

    We don’t know about you, but the girls in the office feel so much better after they have brushed their hair. Nothing feels worse to them than having tangled hair and trying to unknot it with their fingers. A hairbrush is a simple item to have in your hand luggage, but having that ‘just-brushed’ hair can strangely make you feel lighter.

    Whether you love napping or want to indulge in a peaceful sleep when on a long-haul flight, an eye shade can be the perfect item to have. There always tends to be lights and TVs on with many flyers being reluctant to sleep. The solution; block them out with the use of an eye shade, then relax and fall asleep in a blanket of darkness.

    • Tablet

    A tablet offers many forms of entertainment, is light to carry and prevents you from cramming magazines, games and portable DVD players into one bag. Download a couple of apps, including one where you can download a book or two and you can enjoy hours of entertainment watching catch-up TV or films, playing games and reading a book. This is also the ideal item to have if you’re travelling with kids.

    A lot of people suffer from travel sickness, but with these anti-motion sickness plugs you can combat the feelings of dizziness and nausea and instead enjoy your travels. The plugs boast 18 different settings that help you to relieve motion and travel sickness.

    • Change of clothes

    As we previously mention one of our team members fell victim to lost luggage. Oh what a joy that must have been. Since that travel nightmare occurred we have all vowed to do our utmost to ensure there is at least one change of clothing in our carryon luggage. Fingers crossed this never happens again.

    • Eye drops

    If you’re a contact lens wearer and will be going on a long haul flight, having some eye drops nearby will help you to relieve any discomfort. Please do be aware that there are some restrictions as to how much liquid you can pack in your carryon. Ensure that any liquids are in a clear, re-sealable plastic bag and does not exceed the 100ml limit.

    • Pen

    Whether you have a cross-word magazine or will be on a long-haul flight that requires you to fill a couple of forms, a pen should always be in your bag. Carrying a pen can be also useful when asking for directions or when your given recommendations while on holiday.

    • Pashmina

    You never know if you’re going to feel hot or cold in the cabin, so it’s always best to layer up. Having a pashmina at hand can not only look great as a scarf, but can also provide comfort and warmth as a blanket.

    With these items in your carryon you will be ready for whatever the airline throws at you. What’s more, they are items that you tend to have in the home anyway making them cost effective and convenient. No matter where you plan to go this year, bear these tips in mind to ensure you enjoy a relaxing and fuss-free flight.

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  • Shooting Ear Muffs

    Mack's Shooting Ear Muffs with ear plugsYou may have heard us going on about the dangers a gunshot can have on our hearing if ear defenders are not worn. To refresh your memory, a single gunshot can reach on average up to 150dB, the equivalent of hearing fireworks at only three feet away. Considering that a safe volume of noise is measured at 85dB, this is extremely high and can cause permanent hearing loss.

    Reading The TRUTH About GUNS.com’s article ‘Question of the Day: Do you shoot without hearing protection? Say WHAT’? We were shocked to find that quite a few people actually do, but the effects are less than desirable. In the article, written by Dan Zimmerman, Dan says: “The first time I accidentally forgot to put on my headphones and fired my Ruger LC9, I went into a state of shock for about 5 seconds. The gun blew up. Am I still alive…am I dying now or am I already dead?” I was essentially incapacitated during those 5 seconds. Not a good thing.”

    This article received a few comments with Michael B saying: “That is a very stupid practice I engaged in a few times when I was 18 and a brand new gun owner. DO NOT shoot a 1911A1 without ear protection, even outdoors. I had a headache and severe tinnitus for a few days. I believe I did some damage to my hearing because up until a year or so ago it was difficult for me to discern which direction a sound was originating from after just that one shooting session.”

    And Brian following up with: “I took three shots out of a Benelli Supernova at an outdoor range without hearing protection out of curiosity. It physically hurt my ears and I would not do it again unless my life was on the line.”

    Due to this it’s extremely important to wear hearing protection and to help you source the right defenders for you; we’re constantly on the lookout for new and innovative products.

    Introducing Mack’s Shooters Double Up Ear Defenders.

    Our range of shooting ear plugs is continuously growing and now we have expanded our collection to include ear muffs. These Mack’s Shooters Double Up Ear Defenders are perfect for any marksman who wishes to protect their hearing from the damaging noise of a gunshot. What makes these ear muffs so convenient is their ability to adjust and be folded away to fit almost every size bag.

    When worn solely by themselves, these Mack’s ear muffs can offer the wearer a noise reduction of 21dB. However, when paired up with the Mack’s Ultra Safe ear plugs (provided) the noise reduction escalates to 34dB; providing wearers with fantastic protection from the noise of a shooting range.

    We have three available colours; pink, black and camouflage. They are comfortable to wear, provide the necessary protection required when shooting and are sturdy. Have you got yours yet?

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