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Monthly Archives: May 2009

  • Sailing Off to Dreamland with Music and Satin

    I had the most pleasant night’s sleep than I’ve had in a long time. I was given a few gifts, and I just had to share with you all how wonderful these inexpensive gifts were! If you want to give someone you love, or perhaps yourself, the gift of a good night’s sleep, you simply must look into the new sound pillow and black satin shut eye shade! Continue reading

  • Cutting Safety Costs with Earplug Dispensers!

    We’re all looking for ways to save money these days. I’m tired of hearing about the economic crisis, recession, down-turn or whatever you choose to call it, but we can’t ignore the fact that it’s crucial to save money both at home and in the workplace. Earplug dispensers can help cut costs by purchasing your earplugs at a lower bulk cost AND by preventing waste. Continue reading

  • Are You Ready for the Isle Of Mann TT?

    For over 100 years, spectators at the world-renowned Isle of Mann TT motorcycle race have been amazed as records continue to be shattered and names such as Stanley Woods, Joey Dunlop and John McGuiness go down in history as some of the premier motorcyclists to participate in the races. This year, stars Valentino Rossi, Bradley Walker and Murray Smith will be attending the legendary event. Continue reading

  • Lend Me Your Ear (Just Not Literally!)

    I thought I’d switch things up a bit and share my views on a couple of recent articles in The Guardian. Apparently, Van Gogh may not have chopped off his own ear. There’s speculation that his former friend and French Artist Paul Gauguin may have sliced off Van Gogh’s ear with a fencing blade during an argument. Does his lack of self-mutilation tendencies somehow make Van Gogh less of an artist? (Well, an “ear-less” I suppose!). Continue reading

  • Tune Out the Bad News with Heartech Silent Earplugs

    Are you tired of hearing all the bad news? If it isn’t the economic downturn, the credit crunch or swine flu (erm, H1N1 flu? My apologies to the pigs), then it’s some scandalous story about the latest crooked business mogul bilking hundreds out of millions!

    Bad news is abundant and good news is scarce. Let’s change that up a bit with some good news, shall we? Continue reading

  • Pillow Soft Foam Earplugs for Peace and Comfort

    Are you looking for a way to contain costs in this economy? I know my family is! Not all earplugs are costly, and foam earplugs are some of the most comfortable and cost effective earplugs on the market. Whether you need them for your family or the workplace, they are one of the easiest ways to protect your ears from hearing damage and tinnitus.

    Continue reading

  • Custom, Reusable or Disposable Earplugs?

    Whether you need earplugs for work, sport or fun (yet noisy) activities, you have a choice between investing in custom earplugs or purchasing reusable or disposable earplugs. What makes the most sense for you? Take the following factors under consideration.

    Your Ear Canal Type

    If you have smaller than average ear canals, finding earplugs that fit comfortably can be difficult. What's more is that if they do not fit properly, they won't be able to seal properly and then, they won't work as well (if at all as in the swimming pool!). Continue reading

  • Ear Wax Build-up

    Earwax build up can be a very annoying problem. Noises sound muffled and it can be difficult to hear what others are saying. Not only can this become a major communication problem, but clogged up ears can make you irritable and sensitive to sounds.

    Some of us just have more earwax than others, and it becomes important to keep this pesky problem at bay.

    What NOT to do!

    Whatever you do, don't insert something like a cotton-tipped stick into your ear and try to remove the wax. You'll only be impacting it and pushing it deeper into your ear canal which can lead to bigger problems (and possibly a trip to the doctor!). The best piece of advice I can give you that many doctors have said is 'Never stick anything in your ear except for your elbow!' Unless you're a contortionist, this is an impossibility, ergo, nothing should go into your ear that's not meant for your ear (earplugs are designed specifically for an ear canal and thus, they are okay!).

    Also, if there is discharge draining from your ear, you should see a doctor as this can indicate an ear infection that may lead to more complications and even hearing loss. So, no home remedies if you have any sort of cloudy or bloody fluid draining from your ear. Head to the doctors and then check back here to see how you can prevent ear infections in the future.

    What you CAN do

    A good way to keep up on earwax build up can be performed in your regular shower once or twice a week. Tilt your head to the side under the shower and allow the warm water to go into your ear. Stand this way for about 30 seconds on each side. The water should soften the earwax and make it easier for it to come out naturally.

    Eat crunchy foods that make your jaw work harder. The motion that your jaw makes when you chew also pushes earwax out of your ear canal. Try carrot or celery sticks or crunchy crackers such as melba toast.

    Use natural home remedies such as doctor-approved earwax removal kits. Don't use just any home remedy that you find on the internet because some of these can actually harm your ear or cause permanent damage. Macks makes earwax removal kits that are both doctor approved and safe.

    Cheers for now!


  • Summer's Nearly Here! Do You Have Your Swimmer's Earplugs Yet?

    Poolside or beachside, if you or your children plan to take a dip in the pool, you might consider protecting your ears from annoying swimmer's ear or painful ear infections. There's nothing like a painful ear infection to ruin your child's summer vacation! And yours, for that matter when you are up all night taking temperatures and administering antibiotics.

    Why is it that the ear infection always occurs at the weekend when the doctor is away playing golf? Those urgent or emergency care visits certainly add up, don't they? I'm still paying on one from the last holiday!

    Simple measures such as purchasing ear plugs for swimming or an ear canal drying aid in case you forgot the earplugs can help prevent many of the painful, irritating symptoms of swimmer's ear and save you money down the road. Continue reading

  • Women's Earplugs: Are You Taking Care of YOU?

    Admittedly, there are times when I'd like to tune out some of my world, like when the kids are arguing or screaming, but I wouldn't want this to become a permanent thing or I'd miss out on the laughter and 'I love you's'. We often consider everyone's health but our own. Your hearing and women's earplugs may be the last thing that worries you!

    The fact is that hearing loss can occur at decibel levels that we are exposed to constantly. Continuous exposure to 85 decibels or more can cause permanent hearing loss or damage as seen in tinnitus (constant, painful, ringing in the ears). Continue reading

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